TR19 Information

TR19 recommends that a Health and Safety Policy and description of safe methods of work specific to ventilation hygiene work are in place.

Grease extraction duct work if not kept clean poses a fire risk.

Grease is a potential fuel for a fire to spread through a extract system and in to other areas of the building.

From April 2006 it became an offence if systems were not maintained from a fire associated with a poorly maintained system, charges of corporate liability or manslaughter may be brought against the operator.

Surface Grease Deposit Limits

Wet Film Thickness Test Measurement

Recommended Action

200μm as a mean across the system

Complete cleaning required

Any single measurement above 500μm

Urgent local cleaning required

Frequency of Cleaning for Insurance

Heavy Use 12-16 hours per day 3 monthly

Moderate Use 6-12 hours per day 6 monthly

Light Use 2-6 hours per day 12 monthly