Neptune Industrial Kitchen Cleaning

Neptune cleaning are a family business now based locally in your area.

Our operatives clean kitchen canopies to remove carbon, grease and fatty deposits. This reduces the risk of fires and it will improve ventilation in the kitchen.

Before clean

After clean
After clean

This cleaning includes a full deep clean to the canopy and a deep clean to the filters,
(Ducting where accessible) on completion a hygiene certificate is issued for your insurance.

Neptune cleaning also provide a deep kitchen clean which includes cookers, walls and floors, deep fat fryers.

Catering Health and Safety Law
Running your own commercial kitchen comes with rigorous legislation and insurance requirements. Standards have to be met and procedures set in place to ensure the safety of employees. For example, kitchen ventilation is required to create a safe and comfortable working environment.

The cooking process generally produces large quantities of fumes, vapours and heat. Kitchen ventilation is required to safely remove and discharge these by-products to a safe external location using canopy hoods over cooking appliances.
This is a legal requirement. Employers are also required by law to ensure that kitchen extraction systems are regularly serviced, depending on the level of usage, see below. Failure to comply with this legislation will violate your insurance policy.

Frequency of Cleaning for Insurance

Heavy Use 12-16 hours per day 3 monthly

Moderate Use 6-12 hours per day 6 monthly

Light Use 2-6 hours per day 12 monthly

Neptune cleaning can show you our portfolio of satisfied customers from schools, restaurants and Pubs. Our agent is fully insured and experienced. So for a competitive price call our agent who will be happy to come along and price your specific needs and receive a ‘New Customer’ discount.